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Welcome to the homepage of the Ad Hoc Codex Intergovernmental Task Force on Animal Feeding
At its 33rd Session, held in July 2010 in Geneva, the Commission agreed to re-establish the Ad hoc Codex Intergovernmental Task Force on Animal Feeding (hereinafter referred to as "TF AF") to develop science-based guidelines or standards. Switzerland agreed to host this Task Force.

This homepage provides an introduction to Codex Alimentarius, the purpose and terms of reference of the TF AF, the agenda of its 7th session, reservation and venue information. Also, it contains working documents as well as meeting reports related to the 7th Session of the TF AF.
As we provide all information regarding the Codex TF AF in a timely manner through this homepage we expect you to take advantage of it and of this opportunity to get general information about Switzerland.

Please find the official invitation in English / in French / in Spanish

Link to the Provisional Agenda (EN / FR / ES) and the documents on FAO ftp server

REPORT:     English     French     Spanish

SATISFACTION QUESTIONNAIRE (for completion until 28 February 2013)

For more details, please contact the TF AF secretariat.
E-Mail: secretariatTFAF(at)blw.admin.ch, Tel: +41 31 322 25 69, Fax: +41 31 322 26 34
Thank you.