With the aim of ensuring the safety of foods of animal origin, the Task Force should develop science based guidelines or standards specific to the following terms of reference:

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Terms of Reference

 Guidelines for risk assessment: The development of guidelines, intended for governments on how to apply the existing Codex risk assessment methodologies to the various types of hazards related to contaminants/residues in feed ingredients, including feed additives used in feeding stuffs for food producing animals. The guideline should include specific science-based risk assessment criteria to apply to feed contaminants/residues. These criteria should be consistent with existing Codex methodologies.

The guidelines should also consider the need to address the establishment of rates of transfer and accumulation from feed to edible tissues in animal-derived products according to the characteristics of the hazard.

The guidelines should be drawn up in such a way as to enable countries to prioritize and assess risks based upon local conditions, use, exposure of animals and the impact, if any, on human health.


Prioritized list of hazards: Develop a prioritized list of hazards in feed ingredients and feed additives for governmental use. The list should contain hazards of international relevance that are reasonably likely to occur, and are thus likely to warrant future attention.

click here In doing so, due consideration should be given to the prioritized list of hazards as recommended by the FAO/WHO Expert meeting on Animal Feed Impact on Food Safety. Clear criteria should be used to prioritise the list of hazards and take account of the potential transfer of contaminants/residues in feed to edible animal products (e.g. meat, fish meat, milk and eggs).

Time Frame

Starting in 2012, two sessions with an option of a third session, if required, to complete the work on the above terms of reference.