Greetings from Chair

Eva Reinhard
TF AF Chairman
Assistant director general of the
Federal Office for Agriculture

http://therealpornwikileaks.com/manville-entertainment-ships-i-dream-of-twinky-a-magical-xxx-fantasy/ Welcome to the Swiss homepage of the Ad Hoc Codex Intergovernmental Task Force on Animal Feeding. As Chair of the re-established Task Force I feel greatly honored to work with all of you on this very important task.

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Nowadays, the role of animal feed in the production of safe food as well as its impact on public health is well recognized. The introduction of the food chain approach, which recognizes that responsibility for the supply of safe healthy and nutritious food is shared along the entire food chain, has significantly contributed to highlighting the importance of feed safety. Developments such as improved feed production systems for food-producing animals, better sampling and analytical techniques and, importantly, the risk analysis framework provided by Codex, facilitates the implementation of risk-based measures to prevent and to control hazards in the field of animal feeding. However, food safety hazards and trade problems continue to arise as a result of insufficient awareness and knowledge of potential risks related to the production and handling of feed, countries establishing different national tolerances for residues, and sometimes from the lack of international standards.


In this regard, it is very timely and meaningful that Codex endeavors to develop general principles and guidelines for the assessment of risks for feed ingredients, and to propose a list of prioritized list of hazards of international relevance for further evaluation

To this end, I extend our warm welcome and invite you to attend the 7th Session of the Ad hoc Intergovernmental Codex Task Force on Animal Feeding in Bern, Switzerland. I am looking forward to meeting you all, to share your valued ideas and experiences, to attain important results and to enjoy together with you your stay in Switzerland. I am convinced that our joint efforts will contribute to safer food throughout the world.

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